In Oaxaca there are two regions where we work, Mixteca Alta and in the municipality of Miahuatlán in the southern highlands of the state. In the Mixteca Alta Lamata decided to work with the distillate of a cucharilla, it is not a mezcal it is a distillate of dasylirion the same plant used to produce Sotol in northern Mexico. Elementally, its process is characterized by double distillation in clay pots.


In itmunicipality of Miahuatlán the agaves with which the teacher mainly works Sozimo are Madrecuixe (a. karwinskii) Bicuixe (a. karwinskii) among others. The process, we stand out for the Jarquín family recipe that lasts approximately 6 months once a year, grinding by hand with a mallet and a single distillation for the use of refresher in the distiller:

Lamata currently works with just two families in the state of Oaxaca; one from the Mixteca Alta and one from Miahuatlán. The Monjarraz family of the Mixteca Alta produces a beautiful Cucharilla (little spoon) from a Dasylirion species – the same genus of plant used to make Sotol in Northern Mexico – in a clay and steel pot hybrid filipino still. Further to the South, in Miahuatlan, the Jarquin family makes mezcal just once a year, using primarily two types of A. karwinskii – Madrecuixe and Bicuixe – and closely following a family recipe that takes about 6 months from start to finish, with the agave being cut around late summer, cooked in late winter, hand smashed and distilled once with a copper refrescadera still in the late spring.